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    1. On the road of dreams, we will perform together wonderfully

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      CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas-YANGXIN Yang Xin invites you to a grand event, wonderful bloom!

      Time: 2019-05-20 15:12:31 Views:
      Huizhou Yangxin Plastics Machinery Co., ltd.
      Booth number 12.1J51
      Invite you to visit for free「CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas」
      YANGXIN Yangxin booth position
      General layout of the pavilion
      As a technological innovation company in the injection molding machine industry, YANGXIN Yangxin will showcase a variety of new models and application solutions and demonstrate them on the spot to see what innovations will be brought to injection molding:
      1.YT700C Two-plate two-color, special lamp
      With a lower investment cost, it is close to the actual application as the research and development direction, and it is an ideal manufacturer of the lamp to create a two-plate machine that requires less production space.
      More savings
      ◆ Two-plate structure, shortening the length of the machine and saving 20~25% of the workshop space;
      ◆ The fast switching die hydraulic cylinder and the high pressure clamping hydraulic cylinder are independent, reducing the hydraulic oil consumption by 50%.
      Stronger body
      ◆ FEA design high box formwork structure, the amount of template deformation is small;
      ◆ Independent clamping cylinder, not cast with the machine wall, no oil leakage problem of castings;
      ◆ Non-institutional mold adjustment, fewer parts, less failure;
      ◆ With strong mold opening design, the mold opening force is about 9% closing force.
      2.YS200 Car light guide special machine
      The clamping system, outstanding energy efficiency and efficient servo drive meet all requirements. Focusing on customer products, we provide customers with complete technical solutions and create better return on investment and customer experience for customers around the world.
      - Free admission -
      The customers we invite will be exempt from the entrance fee of RMB 80 (4 days ticket). Please be sure to complete the registration procedure through the following link before 10:00 (Beijing time) on May 14th, 2019, and enter the "free admission code" during the registration process. Please identify the following two-dimensional code to add our work. WeChat, request a free admission code.
      Please copy the link to the browser to open or identify the following QR code:
      https://www.chinaplasonline.com/CPS19/preregistration/simp/ Complete the visit registration.
      After the registration is successful, the exhibition organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. will send you an email confirmation letter. With this confirmation letter, you can redeem the audience badge at the “Certificate of the License” at the exhibition site.
      「CHINAPLAS 2019 Chinaplas」Will bring you
      • an efficient solution from more than 3,500 exhibitors worldwide
      • industry hotspots and first-time technology and more than 3,800 sets of machinery and equipment for production demonstration at the exhibition site
      • Latest market information and trends affecting future industry development
      • a valuable opportunity to expand business contacts
      Looking forward to seeing you in Guangzhou!
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